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Find imported bibliographic records

Discover how to find imported bibliographic records in Connexion client.

You can find imported bibliographic records two ways: by searching the online save file or the default local file or by showing online save file or default local file statuses and then retrieving records with the status Imported.

See Use bibliographic save file search results for more information.

Retrieve imported records by showing save file statuses

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Show > By Online Save File Status or press <Ctrl><O>.
    Navigate to Cataloging > Show > By Local Save File Status or press <Alt><C><H><L>.
  2. In the Status List window under Source Status, select the Imported check box.
  3. Click Show Records.

Retrieve imported records by searching the save file

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Search > Online Save File, click the Search Online Save File button (Search Online Save File button), or press <Ctrl><F3>.
    Navigate to Cataloging > Search > Local Save File, click the Search Local Save File button (Search Local Save File button), or press <F3>.
  2. Perform one of the following actions:
    • Search for imported records
      1. In the Search Online [or Local] Bibliographic Save File window, leave the Search for boxes and index lists empty.
      2. Select Source Status in the first status list.
      3. Select Imported in the adjacent list of source statuses.
    • Search for My Status
      1. In the Search Online [or Local] Bibliographic Save File window in the Search for box, enter the My Status you assigned when you imported the records. 
      2. Click My Status in the adjacent index list.
      3. Click OK or press <Enter>.

     Note: You can search for any whole word in the My Status. If you entered a record type as My Status or part of My Status, you can search for the type selected only, for any word or phrase you entered in free text, or for the complete My Status, depending on how much you want to limit the results (e.g., To find records with the My Status BibNote B. Smith: enter BibNote, enter B. Smith, or enter BibNote B. Smith).