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Derive a bibliographic record

Discover how to derive a bibliographic record in Connexion client.
  1. Before creating a record, search WorldCat for existing records describing the item you want to catalog.
    • If you find an existing record that matches the item exactly, use the record instead of creating a new one.
    • If you find an existing record that closely matches or is related to the item, derive the new record from it (continue this procedure).
     Note: You can also derive a new record from an edited record or a workform.
  2. (Optional) Switch to a different MARC format for the derived record by selecting a MARC format in the drop-down list in the fixed field of the record you want to use to derive a new record. Available MARC formats include:
    • Books
    • Computer Files
    • Continuing Resources (formerly called Serials; includes serials and integrating resources material types)
    • Maps
    • Mixed Materials
    • Scores
    • Sound Recordings
    • Visual Materials

    Alternative: Derive the new record first (steps 3 and 4), and then change the MARC format in the derived record.
     Note: To display the list of MARC formats, the fixed field must be displayed Top or Bottom (in View > OCLC Fixed Field).
  3. Navigate to Edit > Derive > New Record or press <Ctrl><Alt><C>.
  4. When the client asks if you want to transfer the fixed field values to the new record, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Yes or press <Enter> to transfer the fixed field. The client redisplays the record content with NEW in place of an OCLC control number
    • Click No to derive the new record without transferring the fixed field.
    • Click Cancel to cancel deriving a new record.
  5. Add data, edit, or review the new record. See About creating bibliographic records for more information.
  6. Add the record to WorldCat, save it to the online or local save file, or submit it for peer review. See About creating bibliographic records for more information.

     Caution: If you are online and log off without adding the new record to WorldCat or saving it, your record is lost.

     Note: To prevent duplicate records, search WorldCat again immediately before adding records to WorldCat to be sure that no other user has added a record since you began working on yours.

 Note: When you retrieve an original record from the online save file and add it to WorldCat, the system deletes the record from the save file when you close it. Resave the record if you need to keep it for further processing.