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Change or assign workflow status or My Status or remove an action status

Discover how to change or assign workflow status or My Status or remove an action status from a single authority record in Connexion client.
  • To help you manage records, you can change workflow status and, for local authority save file records only, add a custom My Status.
     Note: My Status is available for local authority save file records only. It is unavailable for online authority save file records. The client lets you enter My Status data but does not save it with the record.
  • Authority records have a default workflow status of In Process but no default My Status until you enter one or set a default for all local save file records (Tools > Options > My Status).
  • If needed, for local file records that you marked with an action for batch processing, you can also delete the Ready status, removing the record(s) from batch processing.

To change workflow status, assign a My Status, or remove an action status you marked for batch processing:

  1. Retrieve a record from:
    • The online authority save file (Authorities > Search > Online Save File).
    • The local save file (Authorities > Search > Local Save File).
    Create a new authority record (see Create name authority records).
    Select records in a save file list.
  2. Click Action > Set Status or press <Alt><Shift><S>.
  3. In the Set Status dialog, in the Enter My Status Text field, enter a note or identifier in free text (limit: 40 characters).
     Note: My Status is only available for local file records. You can assign your name as My Status for your local authority save file records, and then limit a search by My Status [your name] as an easy way to retrieve only your records from a shared local save file.
  4. In the Workflow Status list, select a workflow status. Available statuses are:
    • Completed
    • In Process (default)
    • In Review
    • New
  5. (Optional) Select the Save Record check box if you want to save the record at the same time you set the status(es). A check mark indicates that this option is selected.
  6. (Optional) To remove the Ready status from record(s) you set an action on for batch processing (action status in the record's status bar is set to R=Ready):
    • Select the chexk box for an action. Actions available for batch processing for authority recors are:
      • Add
      • Export
      • Replace
      • Submit
  7. Click OK or press <Enter> to assign, change, or remove the status(es), or click Cancel to cancel.
    • The workflow status you selected and/or the My Status you entered display in the record's status bar and in the Workflow and My Status columns of the record list.
    • If you selected an action status to remove, the R (Ready) status is removed from the record's status bar and from the action column of the record list.

      Also, removes the record from inclusion in the next batch run, unless you mark for another action.
    • If you saved the record, the client asks if you want to save to the online file or to the local file.
      • If you save to the online file, the client closes the record and gives you its save file number.
      • If you save to the local file, the record remains open. The local save file number is displayed in the record information area.