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Save an authority record

Discover how to save an authority record to an online or local save file in Connexion client.

Save online or save to local file

Using the Connexion client, you can save authority records to the online save file or to one or more local files located on your workstation or a shared network drive. The client provides a blank default local save file (DefaultAuth.auth.db). See User data files (back up or share) and program files for more about local files, their locations, and how to share them.

Save an authority record to the online or local file

  1. Retrieve an existing authority record, create a new record, or select records in a list.
  2. Save online: Click Action > Save Record to Online File or press <Ctrl><Alt><V>. You must be logged on to perform this action.
    Save to local file: Click Action > Save Record to Local File or press <F4>.
    • When you save to the online save file: The system confirms that the record has been added and gives the save file number assigned to the record. The record closes.
    • When you save to the local save file: The client does not confirm that the record is saved but does leave the record open. The save file number is displayed in the record information area of the record.


  • If you save record(s) from a local file to the online save file or vice versa, the client prompts you to either delete or resave the record(s) in the original save file.
  • The holdings statement remains with record(s) saved to a local authority file, even though holdings may be added to the records online after you save locally. The client updates the holdings count in the local file records if you take an online action on them.

See Use authority save file search results for more about actions you can take on records in the online and/or local save file.

Resave after taking an action to keep record

 Note: This action can only be performed in an online save file.

The system automatically deletes both workforms and existing records from the save file when you close the save file after taking the following actions A(ction menu):

  • Add to Authority File or press <Ctrl><Alt><A>
  • Lock WorldCat Record or press <Alt><F8>
  • Replace Record or press <Alt><F10>

If you want to keep records in the save file after doing one of these actions, you must resave.

 Note: You can resave automatically from the Set Status dialog (Action > Set Status) by selecting the Save Record check box.

System-assigned save file record numbers

When an authority record is saved to the online save file or to a local save file, the system assigns it the lowest available save file record number for that file, including any numbers vacated by deleted records. Therefore, local save file record numbers can shift and may seem to be numbered out of sequence.

Example: You are working in a save file that contains 50 records. When you save the record you are currently working on, it is assigned a save file record number of 10 rather than 51. This is because 10 was the lowest save file record number available for the file.

Delete an authority record from the save file

  1. Open an authority record you want to delete from either the online or local save file, or select records in a save file list.
  2. Click Action > Delete Record, click the Delete Record button (Delete Record button), or press <Ctrl><Alt><D>.
     Note: When you take the actions listed in the section above on a save file record, the system automatically deletes the record from the save file. You must resave the record to keep it in the save file after you do one of these actions.
  3. Click Yes to confirm.


  • If you maintain more than one local authority save file, you can copy or move records from one file to another.
  • When you delete or move records from a local file, file size (number of bytes) does not change. To remove empty space in a local file, you can compact and/or repair local files after deleting or moving records. See Compact/repair a local file for more information.