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Display a temporary report after immediate export

Discover how to display a temporary report after immediate export in Connexion client.

 Note: Displaying a temporary report after immediate export is an optional action.

Set an option to display a temporary report showing results when you export records immediately:

  • In the Export window (Tools > Options), select the Display Report for Immediate Export Results check box. By default, the check box is not selected. The client does not display a report.


  • If you want to keep data in the Export Results report, you must print or copy and paste data into another application before you close the report. The client does not save the report.
  • If you export records in MARC 21, have validation options for export set to Basic or Full in Tools > Options > Export (default: None), and validation errors occur, the list of errors opens behind the temporary report of results. Move or close the report window to see the validation errors.

The temporary report shows:

  • The path and file name of the export destination
  • Report start time
  • Record standard and character set selected for bibliographic and authority record export (only MARC-21 is available for authority records)
  • Number of bibliographic and authority records successfully exported
  • For bibliographic records only, any Dublin Core mapping errors