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Fix errors

Learn how to fix errors in CatExpress.

Clicking Fix Errors does not automatically correct errors; you must manually correct them. 

  1. After entering data, click Save to Catalog.
  2. Click Fix Errors.
     Note: If there are multiple errors, click the up and down arrow buttons on the right side of the red error box to view all error messages.  
  3. Type correct data in field named in red error box and click Save to Catalog.

Error conditions

Few error messages appear to CatExpress users. The most common are discussed below.

Kind of error Error condition Explanation
Upper case index labels Unable to find input query Check to make sure that you are using lower-case letters for the search key index labels, e.g., [au: twain]. The system will not accept uppercase letters for the indexes.
Holding library code incorrectly typed Invalid symbol ZZZZ in 1st $a of 049
1st $a in 049 is too short
Add or edit characters to the default institution symbol to create a holding library code.
Holding library code absent Missing Main Holding Library

1st $a in 049 is too short