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Add multiple Location (852) fields

Learn how to add and delete 852 location fields in CatExpress.

Multiple 852 location fields

If your local system accepts local item information in 852 fields (Location), you can use multiple 852 fields to record item information for multiple copies or volumes associated with a single record. Your local system may require a separate 852 field for each holding library code you add. Follow local guidelines.

Blank fields

Some or all of the Location data entry boxes may be left blank; however, you must enter a Location ($a) code if you enter data in another data entry box in 852 (Location).

Add multiple 852 location fields

  1. To add the first 852 field, place your cursor in the Location box.
  2. Type a location and other 852 field information.
     Note: The 852 field is locally controlled. Follow local guidelines.
  3. To add an 852 field for a second copy, click Add More Locations above the Location box.
  4. In the new window, type a location for the second 852.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Enter other information following local practice.
  7. (Optional). Click Preview to check your work.
  8. If you are finished entering data, click Save to Catalog.

Delete 852 location fields

You can use the following procedure at any time before you click Save to Catalog. If you have recataloged a record, another copy of it appears in your file of downloaded records.

  1. On the Catalog screen, select the location you want to delete from the Current Location list box, then click Delete.
     Note: When you delete a location, all 852 location data is also deleted.
  2. Click Yes in the new window.
     Note: Current Location remains as long as you have at least 2 locations. If you delete all but one location, Current Location changes back to Add More Locations.