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Quick reference

Learn how to search, edit records, create labels, and download export files in CatExpress.

 Note: CatExpress uses Dewey Decimal Classification system and cannot be changed.



Standard number search

Type of search Number on item What you type





ISSN 0043-5651 0043-5651
LC control number





Advanced search

  1. Type one or more search terms in the first Search box.
  2. Indexes are displayed in the list to the right of your search term. From the list, select the index in which you expect to find your terms.
  3. Enter search terms in the second or third Search box, if needed.
  4. Select the indexes for the second or third search terms, if needed.
  5. Select And, Or, or Not to combine search terms in multiple boxes, if needed.
  6. Select Automatic Sort options.
  7. To limit by year, see below.
  8. Other limits. For more precise searches, specify a limit by Record Format (standard MARC formats), Language, or Internet.
  9. Click Search.

Limit searches by year

Limit by Type Example
After a date Start date and hyphen 1984-
Before a date Hyphen and end date -1994
Within a date range Start date, hyphen, end date 1994-1997
Exact year The year 1994

Search for hyphenated terms

Index Search

Title (ti)

Notes (nt)

Subject (su)

With the hyphen, as one word or without the hyphen as two words
All other indexes With the hyphen, as one word

Edit records

Basic editing

  1. From the Full record screen, click Edit Record.
  2. Type information in boxes according to local practice.
    Enter key: Do not press <Enter> to move the cursor.
     Note: The OCLC holding library code must be 4 characters. If you add a call number, you must select a call number type.
  3. Click Save to Catalog when finished.
    See below to add multiple location fields.

Add multiple location (852) fields

  1. To add the first 852 field, click in the Location box.
  2. Type a location and other 852 field information.
  3. To add an 852 field for a second copy, click the Add More Locations link (above the Location box).
  4. In the new window, type a location for the second 852 field. Click OK.
  5. Type other information in other boxes, following local practice.
  6. If you are finished typing data, click Save to Catalog.

Delete location (852) fields

  1. From the Catalog screen, select the location you want to delete from the Current Location drop-down box, then click Delete.
  2. Click OK to confirm the action.

Report errors

Some records you find may have errors. You can correct errors only on data that you enter. You can report any other errors by filling out the forms below.

WorldCat form Web address
Record change request
Duplicate record merge request

Create labels

To create record labels in CatExpress, use the OCLC Label Program, which requires Microsoft Windows.

Set label format

  1. On the General tab, under Admin, Options, click Preferences.
  2. On the Preference screen, click Express Options.
  3. On the Express Options screen, under Default Label Format, select the format your library uses:
    • SL4 (1 spine; 2 single-spaced pockets)
    • SL6 (1 spine; 2 double-spaced pockets)
    • SLB (1 spine and 1 pocket)
    • SP1 (spine label)
  4. Click Save My Default or Save for Session.

Create labels

  1. Retrieve the record for which you want to print labels. Click Edit.
  2. Edit the record, following local practice.
    1. In the top section of the Catalog screen, type the call number.
    2. Type the input stamp in the Holding Library box.
    3. Do not add a local call number if you want to use the existing call number in the record.
  3. Click View label. The Label Program opens to display the label.
  4. In the Label Program, finish processing the label.
    1. Edit label text, specify print constants, or change the number of copies to print.
    2. Print the label. On the Action menu, click Print Now.
    3. Save the label to the Label Program local file. On the Action menu, click Save.
  5. Type other information in other boxes, following local practice. 
  6. When finished editing the record, at the Catalog screen, click Save to Catalog.

Download export files

The Export action produces a file of OCLC-MARC bibliographic records on an OCLC server. Records you export are added to the same file until you download the file.

  1. On the Express tab, under Other Options, click Download Export Files.
  2. At the Download Export Files screen, select a file. Click Download.
  3. In the File Download dialog, click Save.
  4. In the Save As dialog, specify whether you want to save your file.
  5. Rename the file and supply a file extension required by your local practice.
  6. Click Save. Click Close.

Transaction reports

Reports show the number of records on which you have set or deleted holdings and the number of searches you have performed. The reports are available for CatExpress subscribers only.

  1. Log into your institution's WorldShare URL.
  2. In the WorldShare interface, navigate to Metadata > My Files.
  3. Click Downloads.
  4. Select Reports from the Filter by drop-down list.
  5. Locate the name of file you want to download (e.g., metacoll.OCWMS.catexp.D20170213.T183013.csv)
  6. In the Action column, click Download. The file will automatically download to your workstation.
  7. Save the file to your local workstation in its original format type. Do not change the file extension.
  8. Log out of WorldShare.