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About the simplified cataloging interface

Find an overview of the simplified cataloging interface in Record Manager.

What is simplified cataloging?

The simplified cataloging interface offers a streamlined WorldShare Record Manager view focused on a straightforward approach to cataloging. A user who is logged in to Record Manager and has been assigned one of the compatible roles in WorldShare Admin is able to complete cataloging actions based on their permissions, including:

  • Searching for bibliographic records
  • Viewing bibliographic records in a read only view
  • Adding local data
  • Setting and deleting holdings
  • Exporting record lists
  • Creating spine labels 

Learn more in a WorldShare Workflow: Simplified cataloging role process

Simplified cataloging roles

The simplified cataloging interface is available to libraries with a Cataloging & Metadata, CatExpress or Record Manager Fundamentals SLE subscription. Users assigned the following roles will see the simplified interface:

  • Cataloging Simplified
  • Cataloging Basic
  • CatExpress Admin
  • CatExpress Basic
  • CatExpress Simplified
  • Record Manager Fundamentals Basic
  • Record Manager Fundamentals Simplified

To view more information about each of these roles, including detailed information on their functionality and capabilities, see Simplified cataloging account roles.

 Caution: These roles should not be combined with any other roles. Only assign to users that should be limited to the simplified functionality. 

WorldShare Admin

For more information about roles and managing accounts, see WorldShare Admin, User management.

To view all available WorldShare roles, see WorldShare Admin, Roles.

If you need help

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