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Project Client Stalling on Last File of Compound Object Ingest

  • Project Client stalls on the last file of Compound Object ingest, and neither crashes nor returns an error.
Applies to
  • Project Client
  • Compound Objects

There are two potential workarounds to address this stalling issue. The first is that the Project Client might be experiencing difficulty simultaneously ingesting the compound object and processing pages for transcripts. Choosing to add OCR text after ingest will address this issue. Use the following workflow:

  1. In the Compound Object Wizard select No Transcripts instead of Generate transcripts using OCR.
  2. In the Item List select the compound object and Open in Tab.
  3. Click the down arrow to the right of More Actions... and select Add OCR Text.
  4. Choose the desired settings and click Perform OCR.

If OCR is not being used and stalling continues to occur, make a new Project with default Project Settings and attempt to ingest the compound object here. If the stalling issue continues after attempting both of the recommended workarounds, please contact OCLC Support and provide the server ID, collection alias, and a screenshot of the issue.

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