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If data type is updated from text to date, what is the impact on records already in the collection?

Applies to
  • CONTENTdm Administration
  • Project Client

Data type text metadata fields have fewer formatting restrictions than data type date metadata fields, which must conform to the following Formatting Rules. When a field is updated from text to date data type, the formatting of values in these fields might be considered improperly formatted. Object metadata can be updated either in CONTENTdm Administration or by importing the object into Project Client.

In Project Client, CONTENTdm data type date metadata fields will sometimes automatically transform the invalid formatting to match supported formatting rules. One such example is YYYY-YYYY range formatting, which will be automatically converted to a list of semi-colon delimited YYYY values.

In CONTENTdm Administration, a pop-up will result when saving the metadata in an object that contains an unsupported format. The metadata will need to up updated manually.

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