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Can I customize my CONTENTdm website to match the look and feel of our existing public website?

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  • A website configuration tool is provided for branding and tailoring the appearance and behavior of key elements of the CONTENTdm website and collections. Most of this configuration requires no programming skills
  • This tool enables you to:
    • Configure your site by setting default values
    • Enable or disable components
    • Choose colors, fonts and styles
    • Describe your website and collections
    • Optional modular customizations including custom pages, custom CSS or custom scripts require some programming skills

You can configure your website with appropriate permissions set in CONTENTdm Administration:

  • At a global level: the default for the website. If no settings are created, then the website will use the default settings
  • At a collection level: Will affect only one collection. Any configurations set for a collection will override the global configurations
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