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Attempted to read or write protected memory error

  • Error message in project client "Attempted to read or write protected memory"
Applies to
  • CONTENTdm 
  • Project Client

This error message is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. Try the following steps to resolve the issue: 

  1. Reboot workstation to clear memory.
  2. Move items to the local machine if they are stored on a network location.
  3. Verify full permission to access files.
  4. If adding multiple items by directory, check the directory for incompatible CONTENTdm items. 
  5. If using a tab-delimited file review the file for abnormalities. The project client does not accept empty or extra rows.
Additional information

Reach out to OCLC Supportfor further assistance. If using a tab-delimited please attach and include the collection and workflow (Compound Object Wizard)

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