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Find information about the reports produced by the Digital Archive.

The Digital Archive produces a variety of reports to help you monitor the health of your content in the Archive. Reports for your content can be viewed at You will be prompted for an authorization and password when you access this site. Use the Reports login ID which was sent in the welcome e-mail when you ordered the Digital Archive.  

Within the Digital Archive Reports Web site, your reports are organized in folders by report type. Within a folder for a specific report type, the reports are organized chronologically by year, then by month. Within a month you will see two copies of each report generated by the system, a copy encoded in XML and a copy encoded in HTML. The HTML is easily viewable online.

The XML can be used with one of the templates in the Templates folder to move the report information into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (

Four reports are available:

  1. Accession Report – Produced each time new content is ingested to the Archive, this report provides a summary of Ingest processing on the content submitted to the Archive and a detailed report about the initial checking and verification performed on each file received. This report is also e-mailed to you at the completion of Ingest processing. A copy of it remains on the reports page for future reference.
  2. Activity & Storage Report – Produced monthly, this report summarizes the entire collection and data activities, including file health, storage usage, and content accesses. This report shows the health of your Archive and changes in it.
  3. File Integrity Details Report – Produced monthly, this report lists the details of exceptions found during routine scanning of content.
  4. Dissemination Report – This report is produced each time a Dissemination request is processed. It includes summary information about the dissemination, including the number of files and the amount of storage. The report also includes format, virus, and fixity details about each file disseminated.