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Packaging and shipping your content to the preservation archive

After you have prepared your archival volume and electronic shipping manifest, you must send them to the Archive for Ingest processing. You can transfer the volume(s) over the Internet to the Archive’s ingest staging area.

 Note: We no longer support shipping with a portable storage device.

Transferring archival volumes over the internet

The Digital Archive supports online transfer of data from your local systems to your Ingest staging area in OCLC’s operations center.

Use this method: You can send up to 100GB per archival volume and you can send multiple volumes. You need access to an FTP client such as WinSCP or FileZilla. The following directions are based on the use of WinSCP.

Before you begin …Install WinSCP: Use your browser to navigate to Click the link to download and save the installation package, and then run the installer to add WinSCP to your system.

Steps for sending an archival volume to the Ingest staging area using WinSCP

  1. Use WinSCP to login to the Digital Archive secure FTP site.

    Open the WinSCP application and enter the host name associated with your OCLC file exchange account, plus your user name and password. Your user name is the D.A. Uploader ID listed in the Welcome e-mail.


     Note: If this is the first time you’ve used WinSCP to access the server, you will be asked to verify the security certificate for this site. OCLC has registered each data center as a secure server with international Internet services, so it is OK to accept the certificate.

    Click Login, and you’ll see the home directory (usually named /xfer) for your Digital Archive account on the right side of the display, and your workstation’s local directories on the left side of the display.


  2. Change directories to the Ingest watcher directory.

    Before you upload a new archival volume you need to change directories to /xfer/archive/in/archive. The Ingest watcher is looking for archival volumes in the /xfer/archive/in/archive directory.

    Do this by double-clicking first, on the archive folder …  

    then, double-click on the in folder …

    finally, double-click on the archive folder …


    You’ll end up in the /xfer/archive/in/archive (Ingest watcher directory)


  3. Drag and drop your archival volume to the Ingest watcher directory.

    After you’ve switched to /xfer/archive/in/archive directory on the sftp server, you are ready to copy an archival volume into this location.

    Find an archival volume on your workstation that is ready to go and includes a manifest.txt file, e.g., Volume16 shown here.


    Drag and drop the archival volume from your workstation to the Ingest watcher area.


  4. Trigger the Ingest watcher.

    Once the data transfer is complete you need to trigger the Ingest watcher. To trigger the Ingest watcher change the name of the archival volume to <name>.READY using the Files -> Rename command in WinSCP.


    Remember to use ALL CAPS for the .READY .

    After a few minutes the file watcher will notice the .READY and start the Ingest.

    If all goes well, you’ll get an e-mail from the Digital Archive letting you know the success of the Ingest.