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Leader – Local level (Under construction)

Description of field L000 – Leader – Local level in the CBS MARC 21 database.
Character Description Explanation CBS MARC
Comment Import, online cataloguing and MARC 21 export
L000 102L
05 Record status Variable;

a - Increase in encoding level

b - Corrected or revised

n - New

p - Increase in encoding level from prepublication

Value n is the default.
$b $b
  • During import: the record status value is changed in (or remains) c Corrected or revised.
  • During online cataloguing: the following record status values can be added or updated: a, c, n or p is (in theory) possible.
  • During export: the record status is exported. When this value is missing, n New is generated.

Note: December 2019: Not yet implemented both for the CBS MARC 21 import (MDT-5257) and the CBS MARC 21 export (MDT-5245).