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Main toolbar

The main toolbar allows you to perform actions such as opening, saving, and exporting documents, tracking data changes, and displaying the standard report outline in WorldShare Reports.

The main toolbar is located at the top of the report viewer. The table below lists the options available in the main toolbar.

Main toolbar
Standard report main toolbar

 Note: If a button is greyed out, it is not available for use.

Item Button Description
Open Main toolbar open button Allows you to open an existing document.
Save Menu Main toolbar save menu button Allows you to save the document to the location on the repository where it was saved previously.

 Note: The first time a document is saved using this button, the user will be prompted to provide the location to save the report and a name for the report.

Print Main toolbar print button Allows you to print a report or save it to a virtual printer.
Find Main toolbar find button Allows you to search for specific text in the report results. A window will appear at the bottom of the report to enter text.
History Main toolbar history button Allows you to search to see if any past instances of the current report exist in the repository.
Export Main toolbar export button Allows you to export reports to your workstation as a PDF, an Excel spreadsheet, or a CSV file.
Undo Main toolbar undo button Allows you to reset the report to how it displayed before your last change.
Redo Main toolbar redo button Allows you to reset the report to how it displayed after you undid your last change.
Refresh Data Main toolbar refresh data button Allows you to refresh the report data and change prompt values.
Drill Main toolbar drill button Allows you to navigate the report by hierarchy. The following standard reports contain drillable hierarchies:
Freeze Main toolbar freeze button Allows you to keep the header or a portion of the table visible while the rest of the table scrolls.
Outline Main toolbar outline button Allows you to show or hide the outline. It will provide the possibility to fold and unfold report elements. Click anywhere in the report table to activate this button.