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How do I locate and delete WorldCat holdings on records with no LHRs?

  • Library has many older WorldCat holdings left on Bibliographic records, after the last physical LHR was deleted.  We need to locate these bibliographic records to remove these old holdings, to ensure our catalogue is current and up to date.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Record Manager
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • WorldCat Discovery

NOTE:  This report will only locate WorldCat holdings on physical items and not those on your eResources.

This is only for those who have Report Designer as part of their subscription to WMS. You can tell if you have this aspect, as you will see Report Launch Pad when you select Reports under the Analytics tab.

You need to run a report that will capture all the titles you have a WorldCat Holding on, that does NOT have a LHR attached. Sometimes a holding gets added accidentally, by human error, meaning your system will say you hold an item, when in actual fact you do not.

To locate the OCLC numbers of items that have a WorldCat Holding on it but no LHR do the following:

1. Select > Analytics > Reports > Report Launch pad.

2. Select > Application > Web Intelligence at top of screen.

3. Select > New icon from the tool bar.

4. Select > Universe > Ok > Institution Title Holdings > OK.

5. Select > Title folder > OCLC number > drag into top box

6. Select > Add Query at the top of the panel > From the Universe > select LHR Item detail > Ok  [ this universe is only used to enable a filter on material formats and subformats]

7. You will now see you have a Query 1 and a Query 2 has been created (see base of screen)

8. Now while in Query 2 select > Titles folder > OCLC number > drag into top box

9. You will now need to run both queries > select the Query 1 tab at bottom screen > Run Query

10. Then open Edit Data Provider (top of screen) > Query 2 tab at bottom screen > Run Query

11. Then open Edit Data Provider (top of screen) > Query 1 tab at bottom screen

12. Now add a Query Filter > to Query 1 select > Title folder > OCLC number > drag into Query Filter box > Select Not In List >

13. Select the drop down menu on the right > Result from another query > Query 2 OCLC number > OK

14. Then Run query again >The OCLC numbers that appear in this report, are the ones you will need to locate in Record Manager, to remove the WorldCat Holding on them

15. Then select Save as > Titles with WorldCat Holdings with No LHRs > in your web intelligence folder for your branch.

16. You can then export this Report to Excel or a PDF if you wish.

To remove these record holdings completely from your system once located in this report do the following:

  •  Go into Metadata > Record Manager > search by OCLC number > Check there is no LHR
  • Check there is no LBD attached either > if present, select > Delete on the right of the LBD record
  • Then select the Record tab at the top of the screen > WorldCat Holding > Delete.
  • You will need to do this for each record you find in this report
  • If you find numerous records from running this report, it may be best to use the Record Work list and delete these holdings in bulk

Please Note:

• That the LHR Item Detail and the Institution Title Holdings reports have a 500k row limit.

• For large libraries with more holdings than this, this solution may not work, as you would only get partial results

• In which case you may have to apply other filters on your queries to reduce the datasets. For example, Material Format/Sub format, Conspectus Division, etc.


Additional information

If you want to remove  LHRS that no longer have barcodes then see this guide instead : 

 Report to run to locate LHRS without Barcodes

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