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How do I publish license terms and retain collection-level notes?

  • When using the functionality in License Manager to protect existing content in collection-level public notes, the license terms of use are not published or updated, even though I made some changes in the license conditions. 
Applies to
  • WorldShare License Manager

The License Manager public notes utility is an all-or-nothing editor, it can only replace the content of a public notes field, it doesn’t have the capability to incrementally update that field. If differing notes are needed for collections associate with only certain collections, using the bulk terms-of-use editor.

For example, if your library would like a special note only,   use the following workflow, EBSCO was used as the in this example:

  1. Add a custom term of use called “EBSCO Note” with the text “EBSCO Collection: Visit our EBSCO help page here <link>.
  2. Add that custom term to the EBSCO license(s).
  3. Add the custom term to the public notes wizard template.
  4. Update all public notes and replace existing notes.

In the example above, since only the EBSCO license has that custom term associated with it, only those licensed collections will have the note applied. 

Additional information

For more information please see Display public notes in WorldCat Discovery about a resource's terms of use.

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