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Automatically select and deselect collections or titles

Use License Manager to automatically select and deselect knowledge base collections in Collection Manager.

License Manager can automatically select and deselect knowledge base collections or titles in Collection Manager based on the Start Date and End Date that you define in a license.

To configure a license to automatically select and deselect a collection or title:

  1. Search for the license and open it.
  2. Within the General accordion, enter a Start Date and an End Date.
  3. By Auto Select, select Automatically select collection(s) or title(s) when activated.
    1. For License Expiration, select Deselect collections(s) or title(s) when license expires next to Auto Deselect.
  4. Within the Collections or Titles accordion:
    1. Search for the collection or title to add it to the license.

When the Start Date arrives for the activated license, collections or titles will be selected.

 Caution: The functionality to automatically select or deselect collections is not available for private collections, shared collections, or collections in which you have enabled MARC record delivery.