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Calculate a license's usage cost

If you have previously harvested COUNTER reports from Usage Data, you can generate a report on license usage cost from within the license's History accordion.

To calculate a license's usage cost:

From the License screen:

  1. Open the History accordion and select License Costs.
  2. Select the report type you would like to use for usage cost calculations.
Available report types:
Report Type Description COUNTER field used Usage cost calculation
BR1 Book Report 1 ft_total cost / ft_total
BR2 Book Report 2 ft_total cost / ft_total
DB1 Database Report 1 record_views cost / record_views
PR1 Platform Report 1 record_views cost / record_views
JR1 Journal Report 1 ft_total cost / ft_total
JR5 Journal Report 5 ft_total cost / ft_total
MR1 Multimedia Report 1 multimedia cost / multimedia
  1. Select the Metric Type to be used for the calculation.
Available metric types:
Report Type Available metric types
  • HTML Requests
  • PDF Requests
  • Total Requests
  • HTML Requests
  • PDF Requests
  • Total Requests
  • Federated Searches
  • Record Views
  • Regular Searches
  • Result Clicks
  • HTML Requests
  • HTML Requests (Mobile)
  • PDF Requests
  • PDF Requests (Mobile)
  • Postscript Requests
  • Postscript Requests (Mobile)
  • Total Requests
  • Total Requests
  • Multimedia Requests
  • Federated Searches
  • Record Views
  • Regular Searches
  • Result Clicks
  1. Select one or more vendor sources from either Manual Vendor or SUSHI Vendor.
  2. For multiple vendors, determine how monthly reports should be combined for each month under Duplicates Reports from Multiple Vendors:
  • Combine the latest reports from all vendors
    • Totals from each month are included from each vendor individually.  The most recently harvested report is included when a vendor has duplicate reports.
  • Use only most recent reports for each month
    • Only the most recent report amongst all configured vendors is included in the usage cost calculation.
  1. Click Generate Report.

Once calculations are complete, values can be seen either by selecting the refresh button or by reloading the license.  These values will remain until a new report is generated. 

Usage Report Coverage analysis:

The usage cost report indicates the coverage of the COUNTER reports used in the usage cost calculations.  Licenses with missing or duplicate reports are indicated with a blue information icon.  To see the reports found for each vendor used in the usage cost calculations, click View under the Details column.

From the View screen, a green check mark indicates a single report was found in the harvest history for that month.  The blue information icon indicates either a duplicate or missing report. 


Missing reports can be added to the vendors' harvest history with either a one-time harvest or a manual upload.  Please see Setup one-time and recurring harvests for more information. 

Duplicate reports can be removed from the harvest history.  However, the report will always use the latest report for a given month and will combine duplicates from multiple vendors based on the selection made under Duplicates Reports from Multiple Vendors.  


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