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Why can't I see my new patron type in the Loan Policy map and Loan Limit Matrix dropdowns?

  • You've added a new patron type policy, but you can't apply it to loan settings because it doesn't appear in the list.
Applies to
  • WMS Circulation

Open Service Configuration > WMS Circulation > Patron Type Policy and read the Status column next to that patron type policy.

If it reads This policy is configured in the WMS Institution Service for use on Patron Records, but no corresponding WMS Circulation Policy has been defined, click the policy name to open up the record. Edit any field, then resave the record. Resaving the policy will make the policy type appear in the lists. 

If it reads This policy has a WMS Circulation Policy defined, but is not present in the WMS Institution Service for use on Patron Records, add a line to the Service Configuration > WMS Institution > Institution Borrower Categories for the new patron type and save.

If you don't see any message under status, then the system recognizes that policy in both required spots. Contact OCLC Support with your library symbol, name and the name of the new patron type policy.

Additional information

There is more on adding patron type policies.

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