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Why are notifications not showing under patron's history?

  • Notifications are not showing under patron's history
Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation

The primary reason notifications may not appear under a patron's history comes down to if the feature is turned on, or if the patron is associated with a different library who does not have the feature turned on. To ensure the feature is turned on, you will want to check in the Service Configuration>WorldShare Circulation> Admin/General. Here you can make sure the notification history is enabled.

If the feature is enabled, you will want to check the patron's home branch. If it is different from any of your own, they may be associated with a different institution. To clarify this, we can check if the item they circulated has the history of the notification being sent out. You can search this by:

  1. Searching the barcode for the item
  2. Going to Statistics>Reminders Sent>Details

Here you can see the most recent notifications sent that were associated with this item. If the notification are here, the patron is associated with another institution. If the notifications are not present, there may be a problem with your loan policies. Please contact OCLC Support for further assistance.

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