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Why am I seeing a message that says the loan policy prevents this item from being circulated when trying to check it out?

  • When trying to check out an item, a message appears stating "The loan policy prevents this item from being circulated. Your administrator may be able to change your loan policy."
Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation 

Even though you've created a line in the Loan Policy Map that designates a shelving location and loan policy that allow circulation, it's possible that another, likely more general line in the loan policy map is being used instead of the intended line. 

  1. Review your Loan Policy Map in the Service Configuration > WMS Circulation > Loans
  2. Look for any lines that have "All" for location, patron type, and/or shelving location connected to any non-circulating loan policies
  3. Move the line that you want to be applied higher up in the map, above the more general loan policy lines with non-circulating loan policies
  4. Test checking out the item again

If you are still seeing the error message after this, please contact OCLC Support with an example item barcode. 

Additional information

Please see our documentation on the Loan Policy Map for more information.

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