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What is the best way to remove a barcode for preserving Circulation statistics?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Circulation
  • If the statistics are barcode related we recommend not deleting the barcode. 
    • Example: the item circulated x number of times with barcode x, and x number of times with barcode y.
  • For preserving statistics that are not barcode related, we recommend changing barcodes inside the Circulation module rather than directly editing the LHR record in the MARC.  It ensures that CIRC knows about the change.
    • When a barcode is replaced/changed, the Item ID inside the WorldShare Circulation database remains the same. This Item ID is where all of the statistics and histories are stored.  So, no matter how often a library changes a barcode, the history will remain on the item. 
    • Once a library deletes the MARC 876 $r, they will no longer be able to search their LHRs using the old barcodes.  Also, when viewing the LHR details, they would no longer see inactive barcodes.  If these things matter to a library, we recommend just leaving the barcodes in place to make sure that connection remains.
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