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Item record with a blank barcode appears in Copy list and can't be deleted

  • When looking at the Copy Holdings display for a title you see an item line with no barcode that you can't delete.
Applies to
  • WMS Circulation

This can occur when there is a stray 876 tag in the copy's LHR record that has no $p with a barcode. To get rid of the extra line, identify the 876 tag with no $p and move the contents (usually, it is $x note entries) onto the 876 tag for which it applies. If it does not apply to any of them, just delete the 876 tag altogether.If that does not resolve the issue, please contact OCLC Support with your OCLC symbol, the OCN with the extra line and preferably an image of the holdings showing the entry that shouldn't be there. 

Additional information

There is more information on LHR standards and the 876 tag in particular. 

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