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I am using Digby shelf-read to update an item status, but it isn't working.

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  • Digby
  • We marked an item missing using Digby Shelf-Read, but it isn't marked that way in WMS
  • When we mark the same item as missing in WorldShare Circulation, that change works.
  • Is the simple act of hitting the exclamation mark and selecting "missing" the only thing we need to do?

Unlike other Digby functions, shelf reading activity will not update WMS. For example, a student worker or volunteer can safely indicate in the app that an item was ‘missing’ without updating the item’s status in WMS or WorldCat Discovery. Similarly, shelf reading notes will not be added to your LHRs. Instead, your library can use the shelf reading report to share information that may need to be updated in WMS by more experienced library staff.

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