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Can a shelving location be changed in bulk to a different shelving location?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Management Services 

For libraries using WorldShare Management Services (WMS), OCLC can bulk change shelving locations.  Evaluate the number of items you wish to move to decide if you wish to have OCLC make the shelving location change or if you wish to use the option to Change the location for multiple LHRs in Record Manager or Circulation. 

If you have decided that you would like OCLC to do this move, follow these instructions and contact OCLC Support with the required information.

  1.  In writing, provide the shelf location to which the items are being moved. This ensures the case and spelling of the new shelf location are correct. 
  2. In the OCLC Service Configuration, go to the Holdings Code Translation Table and add the the new shelf location to the correct holding location. To edit this list it is recommended that you right click the edit box, copy out the list and make your edits in Notepad or another text editor. Do not add anything before the first shelf location or anything after the last shelf location. 
  3.  Supply a file such an Excel spreadsheet containing a column for the Item Barcode and a column for OCLC numbers of the items that will be moved to the new shelf location. If an item is part of a multi-part set, all items on the LHR will need to be moved to the new shelving location. 

After your submission, an OCLC data specialist will review your project and contact you with any additional details including the timeline for completion of the work.  Depending on the scope of the project, the team may have a cost estimate, and will contact you with a quote at that time.

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