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Barcode searches bring up item in some places, but not in others

  • When you search LHRs by barcode or within the Circulation check-in/out function, the item is retrievable. However, the item is NOT retrievable when you search using the Discover Items > Enter Barcode function.
  • When you input a barcode in Discover Items > Enter Barcode, it prompts you to create a new item, even though the barcode is already assigned to an existing LHR.
Applies to
  • WMS Circulation
  • WMS Acquisitions
  • Record Manager

The Discover Items > Enter Barcode function only searches barcodes known to Circulation. Unbarcoded and On-Order items are not retrievable through Enter Barcode searches.

If the item's status is something other than On Order and the item is barcoded, the issue usually occurs due to an indexing problem. Resaving the LHR should resolve the issue. If it does not, contact OCLC Support with your library's OCLC symbol, the title's OCN, and the barcode that is having the issue.


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