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WorldShare Circulation training

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WorldShare Circulation

Check out

Watch a video

In this four minute video, you'll learn how to check out materials, including searching for patrons who have forgotten their library card, and printing or emailing due date receipts.

Renew items and change due date

Watch a video

This twelve minute video explains the difference between renewing an item and changing the due date and demonstrates how to do each procedure.


Watch a video

In this four minute video, you will learn how to process exceptions to your library circulation policies (such as checking out a non-circulating item), and when this
requires override credentials.

Place hold

Watch a video

This seven minute video shows how to place a hold from a bibliographic record. It also explains the difference between title level and item level holds and when you would use each.

Fulfill holds

Watch a video

This six minute video shows how holds are fulfilled. It also explains the holds workflow
and how to use the pull list for available items.


Check in

Watch a video

In this five minute video, you will learn how to check in materials, including printing or emailing a check in receipt, and processing items that fulfill a hold or need to be routed to another branch.

Search for items

Watch a video

This seven minute video will show you how to search for items, including temporary items, and work with your search results.

Edit items

Watch a video

This six minute video shows how to make edits such as changing a location or a barcode for an individual item. It also includes bulk editing of items to change locations.

Non loan and inventory check in and item statistics

Watch a video

This video shows how to perform non loan, or soft check in, and inventory check ins, as well as how these actions affect the item statistics.

WorldShare Reports for Circulation

Watch a video

Using the Monthly Circulation Statistics report and the Circulation Events Detail report as examples, this nine minute video shows how to access the reports, utilize user prompts and input controls to select data for the reports, and view or filter that data.

Circulation configuration overview

 Access tutorial

This self-paced tutorial reviews key concepts of Circulation Configuration, including the questions the system asks when determining the circulation policy to apply (who is checking the item out, what is the material type, and where is it located), loan limits, loan policies, and the difference between a matrix and a map.

Having trouble accessing a specific hands-on training module or simulation?
 Please contact us at or call 1-800-848-5800.


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