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Known issues

This page lists known issues in the WorldShare Circulation application. Availability dates are subject to change.

Please see the OCLC System Status Dashboard for active issues.

Current issues


Issue Details

POS Printer Server Application does not run from the Start Menu on Java versions later than Java 8u162

Later versions of Java 8 introduced a bug which will fail to launch applications from the Start Menu of your workstation.

Note: Java 9 and higher are not yet supported.

Identified: May 2018

Workaround: Install Java SE Runtime Environment 8u162 or earlier to run the POS printer application from your workstation's Start Menu. If you must run a later version of Java 8, you can still run the applications by executing the JNLP files directly (i.e. wms-posprinter-server.jnlp).

Fixed issues


Fixed issues - Table
Issue Fix date

SIP2 clients for some institutions cannot connect with WMS

Self-service kiosks and other SIP2-enabled devices may return errors if your library or circulation group have 64 or more branches. You may see failures in your client's logs in response to client log-in messages (93 requests).

June 2024

Incorrect patron information sometimes displays when batch printing slips (receipts) from the check in screen

 Note:  Modernized staff interface only

March 2024

Items do not display the In Processing status

 Note:  Modernized staff interface only

Items that are in processing display as Available or Unavailable on modernized screens only.

March 2024

The pull list intermittently fails to load for institutions or circulation groups with many branches

The pull list sometimes fails to load in the WorldShare Circulation interface. This is more likely to occur  if your institution or circulation group has a total of thirty or more branches.

June 2023

The pull list's Last Printed column is not populated

The last date/time that a pull list entry was printed is no longer displayed on the Pull List in WorldShare Circulation.

June 2023