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Set up room scheduling

Use Room Scheduling to reserve rooms in your library for your patrons.

If you allow patrons to reserve rooms at your institution, you can use the Room Scheduling feature to manage the rooms in your library and create events (reservations) for patrons. Room Scheduling is available in WorldShare Circulation but must first be configured in OCLC Service Configuration.

 Note: Only staff can reserve rooms for patrons. There is currently no patron interface that allows patrons to reserve rooms themselves.

In OCLC Service Configuration, you create a room for every room at your institution that can be reserved.

Step 1: Create rooms

In Service Configuration, you must create a room in the system for every room that can be reserved at your institution. When you create rooms, you can enter provide descriptive information about the room, including capacity, equipment, and a picture. To create a room, follow the instructions on Create a new room. Rooms can also be copied or deleted, if needed. See Copy, edit, or delete a room for more details.

Step 2: Determine if you want to set up notifications

Next, you should determine whether you want to send out any room notifications. You can send out notifications to patrons when their room reservation has been created, if their reservation has been canceled, and/or to remind them of their upcoming reservation. All notifications are optional. If you decide you want to send notification to patrons about their rooms, you will need to first create the notification on the Notification Policy screen (WMS Circulation > Notification Policy) in Service Configuration. After creating all applicable notifications, you must then select the notifications on the Room Scheduling screen (WMS Circulation > Notifications and Receipts > Additional Patron Notifications) in Service Configuration. See Room Configuration for more information.

Step 3: Reserve rooms in staff interface

Once you have set up your rooms and determined whether you want to use notifications, you can begin creating events in WorldShare Circulation.