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Check out exceptions

In the Checkout page of the patron record, when you scan or Enter barcode of an item to check out, there may be an exception message for you to override or cancel.

Check out an item not checked in

A message alerts you that the item is still checked out to another patron. The system can automatically check in the item and then check out to the current patron if you Acknowledge override.

  • If you Acknowledge override, the item is issued to the new patron.
     Note: Any fines accrued for the item will not be assessed to the previous patron. If that patron has fees previously billed for long overdue and lost materials, these will remain, even with an override.
  • If you Cancel, it stops the check out. You can find out who currently has the item on loan.
  1. Use Discover items and enter the item barcode.
  2. In the Item Details you will see who has the item on loan. If you click Statistics in the top right, this shows any overdue fine.
  3. If you use Check In for the item, this adds the cost of the accruing fine to that patron.
  4. When you check out to the new patron, the exception is gone, and the item is immediately checked out to the new patron.

Fees previously billed for long overdue and lost materials will remain with the previous patron, even with an override. You may want to review the previous patron's record and reverse the charges if perhaps the item was on the shelf all along.

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