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Single part firm order monograph workflow

Discover the workflow for ordering and receiving single part firm order monographs in WorldShare Acquisitions.
  1. (Optional) Check to see if the item is available from preferred vendors in the anticipated timeframe .
  2. (Optional) Compare prices if more than one vendor.
  3. Choose one of the following workflows:
    1. Order using WMS (see step 4)
    2. Order on vendor's website (see step 5)    
  4. Order using WMS
    1. Search WorldCat
    2. Add item to order
    3. Enter order details (price, fund, branch, etc.)
    4. Confirm order details (money in selected fund, item not previously ordered)
    5. Place order
      1. Send via email
      2. Print and mail
  5. Create order on vendor website
    1. Find item in vendor catalog
    2. Add to shopping cart or list
    3. Select funds for each item (in vendor system).
    4. Place order in vendor system
    5. Download MARC order file (FTP)
    6. Upload file to WMS
    7. Confirm order details (money in selected fund, item not previously ordered)
    8. Place order (without sending to vendor)
  6. (Optional) Claim items
    1. Filter Missing Order Items by number of days since Place Date
    2. (Optional) Save this search for future reference
    3. Claim items as needed
  7. Cancel items if needed
    1. Receive notice of cancellation from vendor
    2. Search for order item
    3. Select and cancel item
  8. Choose one of the following receiving workflows:
    1. Receive and invoice at the same time
    2. Receive first, then invoice items separately.
  9. (Optional) Print labels
  10. Prepare and pay invoice
    1. Find invoice
    2. Edit invoice (enter price if different than order, change fund code if different than order)
    3. (Optional) Confirm total on paper invoice matches total in system.
    4. (Optional) Mark invoice as ready
    5. Pay invoice