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Request a quote

Discover how to request a quote from a vendor for items that you are considering for purchase in WorldShare Acquisitions.

You can send a quote request to a vendor for items that you are considering for purchase. This will allow you to get firm prices from the vendor for expensive items, such as e-resources, prior to ordering.

Important notes about quote requests:

  • When you request a quote, the system generates an email or print out of the order information that you can send to the vendor.
  • Quote requests can only be generated from open orders.
  • Once you request a quote for an open order, the order's Status changes to Open - Quote Requested.
  1. Create an order, or find an open order to send for a quote request. See Search and filter orders.
  2. At the top of the screen, click Request Quote.
  3. On the Request Quote window, fill in the fields:
    1. Method - The method you choose to notify the vendor of the order (Print or E-Mail).
    2. To -  The person or department at the vendor who will receive your notification of an order. You can set a default method and vendor contact by editing the Acquisitions Settings in the vendor record. For more information, see Acquisitions Settings.
    3. Reply to -  The person at your library that the vendor can contact about your order.
       Note: The default is the first person listed in the OCLC WorldCat registry for your library.
      (Optional) Change the Reply to contact.
      1. Click Change to select a different contact person.
      2. Click the Choose field to search through all users. Use the text field to search for a name, or select a name from the list.
      3. Click a name in the list to make them the library contact.
  4. (Optional) Select the Custom Order Text you want to include from the drop-down list.
  5. The method you choose determines the next step.
    1. Print:
      1. Click Continue.
      2. On the Print Preview window, click Print Request Quote.
      3. The quote request prints. Go to step 6.
    2. E-Mail (HTML)
      1. (Optional) Select the Preview email before sending check box to view the email before sending it to the vendor. Click Continue.
      2. Click Send Quote Request.
  6. A confirmation message appears and the order's status is updated to Open - Quote Requested.