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How do I create a WorldShare Account to request a WSKey for EZproxy?

Applies to
  • Standalone EZproxy customers



You can can manage your WSKeys by logging in to the OCLC Developer Network site with your WorldShare username and password. You can also create new WorldShare accounts and give them permission to access your WSKeys. This is useful if staff change at your institution, for example.

To create an new WorldShare account to manage your WSKeys:

  1. Go to your WorldShare site:
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Navigate to Admin > User Management.
  4. Click New User.
  5. Fill out the Create New user form, and click Create.
  6. Once they are created, expand Roles.
  7. Select the WSKEY_ADMIN role, and click Save
  8. The new user will need to click SET/RESET PASSWORD the first time they log in to the Developer Network.

If you need to help with this, or have forgotten your WorldShare username and password or your library's WorldShare URL, please contact OCLC Support.