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How to create a WorldShare Account for a member to request a WSKey for EZproxy?

  • These steps will only work if the site has an ILL SUBSCRIPTION (Check Assets in RMS)>
  • Member with ILL SUBSCRIPTION can create accounts without contacting OCLC by following Steps 19-22.
  • Refer users to Orders ( for assistance if the institution doesn't have an ILL SUBSCRIPTION.
Applies to
  • EZproxy WSKey

1. Open Chrome or Firefox go to WSILL SUPER LOGIN for one of the locations:       
2. Login with your WorldShare Account

   a. USA:

 ** Please go to for Username and Password:  **

    b. Australia:
    c. Canada:
    d. EMEA:

3. Open a new tab on your browser

4. Type the following URL in the new tab https://[RegID] [HIT ENTER]  

5.  Select the branch for current location => Click the OK button

6.  Click the Admin tab

7. The User Management should be on the screen go to the  "Limit search to" the box should display "Everything"

8 Type asterisk (*) in the blank box => Click the Search box

9. You should see a list of accounts. Check if the person asking for an account is in the list.

10. Please go to step 19 If the user is not in the list

11. Click the Name if it appears in the list.

12. Go to Roles => Click Edit to the right of the screen

13. Go to WSKEY_ADMIN check the box => Click the Save button

14. Click the Set/reset link => This will send a reset link to change their password.

15. User can now go to to request a WSKey for EZproxy.

16. From the "Please sign in" screen => Select "Login with your WorldShare Account"

17. Login with your new account.

18. The license process will take 24 – 48 hours. The email you used to create your account will receive an email notification that the WSKey has been     approved.

**19. The User Management box should be on the screen => Click the "New User" box**

20. Complete the New User Form:
    Required Fields:
     a. First and Last Name boxes
     b. Expiration Date select 5 years from the current date
     c. Valid Email Address => Type Work
     d. Create an User Name

21. Click the "Create" button

22. Follow Steps 12-17



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