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Get started with EZproxy.

You can now install and update to EZproxy V6.3.5. If you have not already upgraded to EZproxy V6.x and requested a WSKey, you will need to Request a WSKey.

This release was built with OpenSSL 1.0.2m to provide access to the most up-to-date security configuration options. You can find more information about these updates and others in the EZproxy V6.3.5 Release Notes.

  • About EZproxy
    This overview explains how EZproxy works as an intermediary between your users and the databases they are trying to access.
  • About URL rewriting
    URL rewriting is a function of EZproxy. Users have several options for how URLs will be written, learn more about the options and how to select one.
  • DNS naming
    Your EZproxy domain name should be selected based on your proxy solution. Find information about selecting your DNS in this documentation.
  • Evaluate proxy by port versus proxy by hostname
    EZproxy has two different methods for proxying access to remote web servers: proxy by port and proxy by hostname. The default method is proxy by port, but the recommended method for deployment is proxy by hostname since it minimizes firewall issues.
  • EZproxy technical details
    Find additional technical details about EZproxy.
  • How many ports does EZproxy use?
    Find out how many ports EZproxy uses for proxy by hostname and proxy by port.
  • Initial set-up process
    Follow these steps to set up EZproxy for your library.
  • Join the EZproxy listserv and Community Center
    OCLC hosts and maintains an e-mail list for discussing topics related to EZproxy.
  • Purchase EZproxy
    Learn more about purchasing EZproxy.
  • Requirements
    Before your library installs EZproxy, make sure that your library has the proper knowledge, hardware and operating system requirements.


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