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Learn how to use the FormSelect config.txt directive to specify an input tag for EZproxy to use with a dynamic URL form configuration.

FormSelect specifies the name of an input tag that EZproxy should use to determine which form to use with a URL -Form= dynamic configuration when the remote page includes multiple forms. When using URL -Form= dynamic, EZproxy defaults to using the first form that appears on the remote page, which may not be the correct form to process. The FormSelect directive allows the appropriate form to be identified by including the name of one of the input tags that appears in the form that should be processed.

FormSelect may appear only once per database stanza. It is a position dependent config.txt directive.


Qualifier Description
wildinputname Name of an input tag that appears within the form that should be processed. The name is tested using case-insensitive wildcard matching, allowing * to match 0 or more characters or ? to match any one character.


FormSelect wildinputname


Specify that the form to process should be the form which has an input tag named username.

Title Some Database
URL -Form=dynamic somedb
FormSelect username
FormVariable username=someuser
FormVariable password=somepass

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