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URL (version 1)

This version of URL specifies the main entry point URL for a database. The protocol/ host/ port of the URL also becomes authorized for use in starting point URLs. Refer to the example for more detail on exactly what starting point URLs are authorized by a URL directive.

URL can be used only once per database stanza and interacts with database stanzas, groups, interface directives and IP ranges. The scope of URL is the current database stanza. It is a position-dependent config.txt directive.

Qualifier Description
url Main entry URL to this database.
These URL directives specify URLs that will appear in the EZproxy menu page and the EZproxy status page. In addition, they authorize starting point URLs that point to URLs that begin with http:/ / , http:/ / , and https:/ / .
In contrast, none of these directives authorize starting point URLs that point to URLs such as http:/ /, http:/ /, http:/ /, or https:/ / since there are no Host, HostJavaScript, or URL directives that matches any of these combinations of protocol/ host/ port.
Title Some Database 
Title Other Database 
Title Another Database 
See also
EZproxy status, Host, HostJavaScript



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