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Learn how to use the FormSubmit config.txt directive to specify alternate HTML display when EZproxy has to redirect a user to a URL.

FormSubmit specifies alternate HTML to display when EZproxy has to stop and redirect a user to a URL. This special processing occurs when using referring URL authentication to remote websites and in some instances of using URL -Form. EZproxy uses JavaScript to move the browser forward automatically, but if the remote user has disabled JavaScript or if the destination website is slow in responding, the user may see the intermediate page generated by EZproxy that includes this text.

If a database stanza has multiple FormSubmit directives, the texts of these directives are combined together to create a single, long form submission. The HTML specified with this directive must create a form submit button.

The default FormSubmit value is:

If your browser does not continue automatically, click <input type="submit" value="here"


Qualifier Description
html Alternate HTML to present in place of the default text.


FormSubmit html


Username/password form automation demonstrating FormSubmit with the typical, default values:

Title Some Database
URL -Form=get somedb
FormSubmit If your browser does not continue automatically,
FormSubmit click <input type="submit" value="here">
FormVariable username=someuser
FormVariable password=somepass