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If you are having problems in Amlib email reports, find those borrowers with no email address but with the use email activated

  • In Circulation email reports, a problem occurs where borrowers get the wrong email report
Applies to
  • Amlib Circulation Reports

To find and correct the relevant Borrower's details:

  1. Navigate to Borrower > Application > Where.
  2. In Box 1 select Bor Email Address. In Box 2 select = (the equal symbol) and click Paste.
  3. In Box 1 select Bor Use Email. In Box 2 select = and in Box 3 enter Y and click Paste.
  4. Press F5 Query and there will be a resulting table of Borrowers.
  5. Enter the Email address, and Save, or remove the Bor Use Email tick from the Borrower Details window and Save.
  6. If there are too many to update manually, contact OCLC Support to find out how to update these globally.
Additional information
  • It is also advisable to add the clause Bor Email Address IS NOT NULL to the F7 Where Parameter of the relevant Amlib circulation email report (to achieve this find Bor Email Address from Box 1, select ≠ from the Operator Box 2 and then click Paste without typing into Box 3). Save using F3



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