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OpenOPAC installation upgrade 6.3.1

Find information about the 6.3.1 OpenOPAC installation upgrade.

This is for sites who already have OpenOPAC Version 6.3 installed

Read the Installation Notes First

Please carefully read the entire installation guide prior to commencing the actual OpenOPAC release installation.

If you have any questions, contact OCLC Support.

Serial Numbers

As you are upgrading you will not need a new serial key, as the program will detect if one was already supplied previously.

Install OCLC OpenOPAC

  1. Run the installer OCLC.OPEN.FrontendSetup.exe
  2. The Installer for OpenOPAC main view will display
  3. Select Click to start installation. As it is an upgrade the Options should already be configured
  4. The installation will run through and the button will change to Complete when complete
  5. Select Exit
  6. The OpenOPAC should then be able to be operational with the changes applied

If you encounter any problems during the installation of Version 6.3.1 please contact OCLC Support.

Changes in Version 6.3.1

AMB-1383: The Mobile version of OpenOPAC shows the same loan status as the Desktop version. The Mobile version had incorrectly shown that loans were overdue

AMB-1384: LibraryThing for Free now displays covers. There was a problem in the last release where the covers were not showing even though the Dev key was entered in the parameters. This has now been resolved.

AMB-1381: OpenOPAC no longer show that reservations have expired as it appeared to patrons that the reservations were no longer were available, which was not often the case – the expiry date is more for internal use for Staff

AMB-1382: The Variable.less is no longer set to read-only during installation