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Set up an OpenOPAC search embedded in a web page

Learn how to embed an OpenOPAC search onto a web page.

It is possible to insert a search box on website pages outside of the Amlib OpenOPAC environment that targets the OpenOPAC search screen, such as your library or School webpage.

Embedded Code to Insert into Page

  1. Copy the following OpenOPAC code below , in the web page into which you wish to add the search box, where you wish to insert the Search box:
  2. Please Note: Replace <hostname/> in the code above with the actual IP or Server Name (hostname) used by your OpenOPAC setup.
  3. For example… embedding the OpenOPAC address for localhost will result in the Search box being formed & code will be as shown below
  4. To make this step easier Copy & Paste the code below between the <body> </body> tags in the web page into which you wish to add the search box to.





    <form id="myform" action="http://localhost/OCLC.OPEN.Frontend/Main.aspx" method="GET">

    Search for items: <input type="text" name="search" id="search">

    <input type="submit" name="submit" value="Go">


    <p>Or choose the full <a href="http://localhost/OCLC.OPEN.Frontend/Main.aspx" target="_blank"

    title="Library Catalogue">Library catalogue</a> with additional features.</p>




  5. Once it exists on your Webpage, simply type in your search and select Go

  6. You OpenOPAC page will open with the search results found
  7. OR Select Library Catalogue – to do a specific search within the Full application from your Webpage, which will take you to the Full OpenOPAC application where a Basic or Advanced Search is possible