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Show e-books with a correct status using the StockItemProcess field

Learn how to use the StockItemProcess field to show e-books with the correct status in Amlib OpenOPAC.

You will notice if you do not have any specific Process set against your e-books they will say ‘Available’ under status on the OpenOPAC and as this is really an unknown until the e-book provider site has been accessed.

It would be wise to give your e-books a process of ‘Check Availability’ – for example so it’s not automatically assumed a title is available for download.

  1. Go to Main > StockItems > Stockitem > Application > StockProcess > F1New > create one called Check Availability > F3Save

    NOTE: : If you have made changes to Locations, Form codes, Statuses, Process etc, adding new codes, then you need to go to run this Upload Masterdata process on the central frontend
  2. If it’s a new StockProcess Select > Upload Masterdata then
  3. Select SAVE on this screen and then Exit
  4. Log into OpenOPAC and refresh the browser and these changes should now take affect
  5. Create a Stockitem File of all your e-books by either doing a Stockitem Search by Form or a StockitemWhereSearch


Then do a MassItemChange on this file to give them the new Process of Check Availability

[see Mass Item Change Guide on the OCLC site for further instructions]