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I'm about to leave the library. How do I pass my OCLC permissions to someone new?

Applies to
  • Online Service Center
  • Service Configuration

When passing your permissions to someone new walk through the following list to make sure you catch everything. 

  1. Create WorldShare accounts for anyone who needs one via the Admin tab in WorldShare, then assign the applicable roles
  2. Change, add or delete any cataloging authorization numbers in the Access and Authorization site. 
  3. To reassign names for FirstSearch, ILL, CAMIO, ECO and Archive Grid authorization numbers  send an email to with the authorization number, the new user's work email address and/or details on which permissions you want them to have.
  4. To make WorldCat Registry changes or other contact changes previously made in the Online Service Center, update your contact information.
  5. To reassign open service request tickets, send an email to OCLC Support.
  6. If you were doing Interlibrary Loan, make sure you update the Policies Directory Contacts list and any Constant Data forms that included your name and address.  


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