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Policies Directory guide

The OCLC Policies Directory is the repository of lending and copying policies of libraries participating in WorldShare Interlibrary Loan and Tipasa.

The OCLC Policies Directory is located at There is also a link to the Policies Directory from WorldShare Interlibrary Loan and Tipasa.

The Policies Directory provides two main functions to enhance your workflow. First, it provides a way to search resource sharing libraries by OCLC institution symbol or name and group symbol or name. Note: The Policies Directory contains only groups profiled by OCLC.

The second function of the Policies Directory is to enable you to enter and display information about:

  • Your lending, copying and deflection policies
  • Your resource sharing supplier status
  • Your library collections
  • Your library schedules
  • Contacts at your library
  • Collections, Schedule and Contacts
    Find information about creating descriptions of unique collections that you supply, listing your departments operating hours and closures, and creating contacts for interlibrary loan or document delivery.
  • Manage policies
    Learn how to create and edit copy or loan policies, how to create deflection policies and find information about deflection policy formats.
  • Search Policies Directory
    Learn how to search the OCLC Policies Directory and find information about the search results display.
  • Sign in and manage profile
    Learn how to sign in and enter your library's information into the Policies Directory.