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Exchange files with OCLC

OCLC supports SFTP for institutions to exchange files with OCLC. Please contact your regional OCLC Support office to retrieve file exchange account credentials for your institution.
Information icon If you haven’t yet transitioned to the new OCLC file exchange servers, you now have more time to make the change. The previously announced transition deadline was temporarily suspended in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure you have the time needed, we’ve extended the deadline until 30 September 2020.


Transition to new file exchange servers

To help enable faster delivery, we are transitioning to new file exchange servers. If you use SFTP to exchange files with OCLC, this transition includes:

  • A new host name that will replace the location you currently use to upload and download your files.
  • A new username that will replace the username you currently use to login and upload and download your files.
New host names by assigned data center

 Note: The current host names will remain available during the transitionary period but will no longer be available after 30 September 2020.

Data Center Current host name(s) New host name Port
United States Data Center 22
European Data Center 22
Australian Data Center 22
Canadian Data Center 22
New username

The new username is based upon your current username, but will have one of the following prefixes determined by your OCLC product subscriptions. Accounts for customers with OCLC products that exchange PII data (personally identifiable information) will have a different username than those used solely for the exchange of non-PII data.

Prefix Description Example new username
fx_ Used for OCLC products that do not exchange files containing PII data

 Note: Applies to WorldShare Collection Manager and WorldShare Collection Evaluation.

wx_ Used for OCLC products that do exchange files containing PII data

 Note: Applies to WorldShare Circulation, WorldShare Reports and Report Designer, and Tipasa.


Please note:

  • Usernames are always lowercase; however, account passwords are case-sensitive.
  • If your username contains the prefix ws_ currently, it will be replaced by one of the new prefixes (e.g., ws_zzzzz will become fx_zzzzz).
  • Usernames are based on your institution's OCLC symbol. However, if the symbol contains one of the following special characters, these conversions still apply:
    • @ will be replaced with _64
    • $ will be replaced with _36
    • # will be replaced with _35 

To ensure a smooth transition:

  • Your existing password will work with the new username
  • Your existing public keys have been placed in the account you will access with your new username

If you use automated scripts to transfer files, they will need to be updated to use both the new host name and username.

 Note: If you use My Files in the WorldShare interface to upload and download files, you do not need to make any changes.

OpenSSH and OpenSSL

The new OCLC servers are on OpenSSH 7.4, which no longer supports versions of OpenSSL that are older than 1.0.1.

Client machines must use a version of OpenSSH/OpenSSL that is not older than OpenSSH_5.3p1, OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013.

Navigate your new OCLC file exchange account

Discover how to find your home directory and how to change directories.

Resolved - Known issue with Ex Libris Alma publishing profiles and OCLC file exchange

The March 2020 Alma release gives users the ability to indicate an absolute path, which is needed for the Alma publishing profiles for WorldShare Collection Manager data sync collections to work with the new OCLC file exchange accounts. Alma institutions may change their configuration now to complete their transition to the new OCLC file exchange servers. Please see How do I synchronize holdings between Alma and WorldCat? for more details.


In addition to SFTP, you can upload and download files from the WorldShare interface using My Files. See how to Upload files in My Files and Download files in My Files.


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