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WorldCat Discovery release notes, August 2023


Release Date: August 30, 2023



The following release notes are for the AUGUST 30, 2023 release of WorldCat Discovery.  

WorldCat Discovery August Release Highlights  

This release of WorldCat Discovery includes the following enhancements as well as bug fixes: 

  • Save multiple search results at once 

  • Receive library user feedback with a modernized WorldCat Discovery feedback form 

Many of these changes are a direct result of your feedback. 

Include Request ID with problem reports 

When reporting an issue with WorldCat Discovery, it is extremely helpful to include the Request ID. The Request ID is found at the bottom of the screen on which the issue occurred. Including this information allows us to directly trace what happened on the request we are troubleshooting. 

Screenshot depicts portion of WorldCat Discovery footer where a request ID can be located to include with any problem reports sent to OCLC Support. 

New features and enhancements

Save multiple search results at once 

With this release, users will be able to save all items from a page of search results. To do so, users can select “Save items on page”, located at the bottom of the page of search results. 

Screenshot depicts the bottom of a page of search results with the text "Save items on page" outlined. 

Users can also choose to deselect all items on a page by selecting “Remove saved items on page.” 

Screenshot depicts the bottom of a page of search results with the text "Remove saved items on page" outlined. 

Users can also deselect individual items on the page of search results by simply selecting the “Saved” icon on an individual results tile. 

Screenshot depicts a search results tile with the "Saved" action button outlined. 

Following this release, users will still be able to individually save items from results.  

**Note: Saved Items is a temporary list. If users intend to keep saved items, they must move the items to a new or existing list in order to keep them for a subsequent session. If a user logs out before moving these items to a personal list, then the items will be lost. 


Receive library user feedback with a Modernized WorldCat Discovery feedback form 

With this release, the WorldCat Discovery feedback form will be modernized and simplified. Previously, the feedback form supported both library staff and library user feedback workflows. Since the form’s initial release, our processes for supporting feedback from libraries have matured, and that workflow is no longer needed. This form will now exclusively support library user feedback. 

Screenshot depicts modernized WorldCat Discovery feedback form. 

If your library already has this form configured to display, there is no action required to leverage this functionality. If your library wishes to configure this form, you can navigate to OCLC Service Configuration > WorldCat Discovery and WorldCat Local > ILS Support and Maintenance > User Support

Bug fixes

Search Alerts Beta: Leverage clustering options in the new results view 

Before this release, users were unable to select clustering options in the Search Alerts new results view. They could only access results in a “flat” view. With the August release, users will have access to all clustering options in the new results view: “Show all”, “hide duplicates”, and “group editions and formats.”   

Search Alerts Beta: Clustering selection now honored when navigating across pages using link to original search 

Previously, we documented a known issue with search alerts where if a user clicked the link to the original search in an alert email, their original clustering selection was not honored when they navigated beyond the first page of results. With this release, clustering selections will be honored on all pages of results. 

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