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Electronic Collections Online (ECO)

An OCLC collection of scholarly journals

In 2011, OCLC discontinued updates to the Electronic Collections Online (ECO) database and moved database content to a service archive. ECO metadata through the 2011 end of updates is still searchable as a database on the FirstSearch service. In addition, libraries that maintain an annual access fee can continue to link to articles in journals from their previous Electronic Collections Online subscriptions as long as OCLC still has access to this content.

Since no changes have been made to ECO metadata or article content since 2011, and OCLC has no plans to reinstitute updates, ECO metadata and article content are not included in FirstSearch COUNTER 5 reports.


Why select this database?

  • It offers a growing collection of online journals in a variety of subject areas, all with the original contents of articles, including images.
  • You can view bibliographic information for all journals and view full-text articles from journals to which your institution subscribes.
  • You can add links in your web pages or online catalog that will take your users directly to specific journals within the database.
  • It is produced by OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

Subjects included

  • agricultural
  • anthropology
  • business
  • economics
  • education
  • fine arts
  • geography
  • history
  • language
  • law
  • library science
  • literature
  • medicine
  • philosophy
  • political science
  • psychology
  • religion
  • science
  • social science
  • technology

Database details

Database name ECO
Short database name JECO
Available on FirstSearch, WorldCat Discovery, and
Sources 5000+ journals
Please contact OCLC Orders to request a report of the Electronic Collections (ECO) titles your library has access to.
Number of records 6,300,000+
Coverage 1995 – 2012
Update frequency Static
Producer OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.


Index labels and search examples

Use a colon after an index label (for example, au:) when you are not certain of your search terms. Use an equal sign after an index label (au=) for an exact match search. You can search with an index label from any search screen. The information you type overrides any default menu selections. The following examples show sample rather than actual searches.

Search indexes Labels Examples
Keyword kw: coffeehouse+
Abstract ab: arabica
Accession number no: 00320862102pn0654
Article type at= rapid communication
Author au: o'hara

Author affiliation aa: coffee research
Author phrase au= ohara hidetaka
First page pg: a1
Identifier id: stress fract*
Identifier phrase id= work stress
Issue is: 3&4
Language ln= german
Publication date pd: 19970828
Publisher pb: kluwer
Reference rf: whey
Source so: tropical animal
Source phrase so= tropical animal health and production
Standard number sn: 0008-4204
Title ti: coffee composting
Title phrase ti= accelerated coffee pulp composting
Volume vo: 10

Index use and structure

What follows is a list of FirstSearch indexes and the combination of USE and STRUCTURE attributes that can be used to access them.

  1. For any FirstSearch label where multiple USE attributes are listed all the attributes will provide the exact same search result sets.
  2. Any USE attribute that is not marked as a restrictor is available via the SCAN service.
  3. Restrictors are specially implemented indexes and are not available for scanning. Terms for these must be ANDed with other terms to limit the size of the result set. See the table provided for each restrictor to determine valid terms and their associated meaning.

FirstSearch Indexes and USE and STRUCTURE attributes used to access the article records:

Index Description Use Attribute Structure Attribute Indexed Fields and Subfields
Keyword (kw) Any


2 Contents of:

Abstract (520/a)

Subject (653/a)

Title (245/a)

Source Phrase (773/t)
Year (yr) * Date-publication 31 5 008
Accession Number (no) Control number-local 12 2 035/a
Author (au) Author-name 1003 1, 2 100/a, 700/a
Title (ti) Title 4 1, 2 245/a
Publisher (pb) Name-publisher 1018 2 260/b
Abstract (ab) Abstract 62 2 520/a
Author Affiliation (aa) OCLC Specific 5100 2 949/u
Article Type (at) Content type 1034 1 949/l
Language (ln) Code-language 54 1 546/a
Publication Date (pd) Date 30 2 949/e, 949/g
Page Number, First (pg) OCLC Specific 5006 2 949/f
Reference (rf) OCLC Specific 5009 2 980/q
Standard ISSN Number (sn) Identifier-standard 1007 2 773/x, 780/x
Source (so) Title-host-item 1033 1, 2 773/t, 949/a,b,d,e
Identifier (id) Subject-local 29 1, 2 653/a
Volume (vo) OCLC Specific 5013 2 949/a
Issue Number (no) OCLC Specific 5004 2 949/bd
Topics (lc) OCLC Specific 16 5 773/9
Collection (cl) OCLC Specific 5000 2 980/d


FirstSearch Indexes and USE and STRUCTURE attributes used to access the journal records:

Index Description Use Attribute Structure Attribute Indexed Fields and Subfields
Keyword OCLC Specific 5116 2 245/a


Subject OCLC Specific 5657 2 953/j
Title OCLC Specific 5246 2 245/a
Publisher OCLC Specific 5260 2 260/b
ISSN OCLC Specific 5922 2 022/a
Collection OCLC Specific 5888 2 983/y

Record display information

List of FirstSearch fields for Electronic Collections Online and the MARC fields to which they correspond:

FirstSearch fields for article records MARC field
Year 008
Standard SICI 024/a
Accession number 035/a
Author Name 100/a

Article Title 245/a
Publisher 260/b
Page Count 300/a
Series 490/a
Abstract 520/a
Language 546/a
Keywords 653/a
Journal Title 773/t
Citations 773/g
ISSN 022/a
ISSN in article records 773/x
Last/Previous ISSN 780/x
Library Holdings 948

Detailed holdings information is available in FirstSearch Z39.50 Configuration Guide - Element Set Names.
Volume number 949/a
Issue number 949/b
Page number 949/c
Supplement/Part 949/d
Date information 949/e
Publication date (YYYYMMDD) 949/g
Article type from publisher 949/l (949/"L")
Author affiliation(s) 949/u
Article copyright 949/y
References 980/q
Collection of Journals of which it is a part 980/d


FirstSearch fields for journal records MARC field
ISSN 022/a
Title 245/a
LC Classification 090/a
Dewey Classification 092/a
Subjects/Identifiers 953/j
Collection 980/d
Publisher 260/b


The following restrictors can be used only in conjunction with an index search. They must be added to an index search with the Boolean AND to receive search results:

Restrictors Type Use Attribute Structure Attribute Notes
Year* All (--)

Single (1999)

Range (1992-1998)
31 5 Restrict to a single year, or a range of years.

* Year is both an index and a restrictor.


Search results in the Electronic Collections Online database of article records can be sorted by Author (1003), Title (4), and Publication Date (30).  Search results of journal records can be sorted by Title (5246).

General punctuation rules

(exceptions are made, but these are generally correct):

Punctuation Rule Punctuation Rule
" Delete and collapse $ Delete and collapse
' (apostrophe) Delete and collapse % Delete and collapse
. (period) Delete and collapse * Delete and collapse
, (comma) Delete and collapse + Delete and collapse
; Delete and collapse > Delete and collapse
: Delete and collapse < Delete and collapse
() Delete and collapse @ Delete and collapse
<> Delete and collapse ? Delete and collapse
{} Delete and collapse -- Delete and collapse
[] Delete and collapse / Substitute a space
= Delete and collapse - Retain and index
! Delete and collapse & Retain and index
# Delete and collapse

Searching tips

Keyword searches (1016):The Keyword search finds information in these fields: Title (245/a), Abstract (520/a), Subject (653/a), and Source (773/t).

Author names searches (1003): Most, but not all, author names are listed last name first. First names or first initials may be listed. Consider using the Unordered Adjacency (n) operator and the Boolean OR operator to search for names.

Publication Date searches (30): Use the Publication Date value (30) to search for articles by publication date. Type dates in this format: YYYYMMDD. You can search for a single date or a range of dates.

Phrase indexes do not include the leading articles A, AN or THE.

Browse the collection

Users can browse journals by:

  • Subjects
  • Publisher collections
  • Titles
  • Available issues
  • Tables of contents

Copyright information

Copyright © 1992-2018 OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.