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App crashing when trying to open the library card from "My Account" page.

  • The app crashes when trying to open the digital library card from the "My Account" page.
Applies to
  • CapiraMobile

A possible solution for when the issue is the library card PIN mismatch.

  1. Try logging in to the local library ILS  website. 
  2. If you get an “unknown” or other error. Request a PIN reset or “Forgot my PIN” and change your PIN.
  3. See if you can log into the local library ILS  website after resetting your PIN. If not, you may need to request help from a local librarian.
  4. If you are now able to log in to your local library ILS  website, go back to the Capira App and delete and reenter your Library Card with your new PIN.
  5. Now, try to view your digital library card from the "My Account" page.
Additional information

If you change your PIN through your local library ILS  website, you will need to reenter your card in the Capira App.

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